Possibly Warren Party Bus' biggest claim to fame besides our sensational bus interiors is our low, low, low prices! We've scoured the net and we keep up with other party bus companies to compare our prices to theirs, and though it's rare to find one that prices anything lower than we do, when we find that lower price, we set ours even lower! How is it that we're able to do so when we don't cut corners? It begins by relying on smart and efficient companies to do our party bus maintenance and upgrades. They save us money on their end, and then we're able to save you money on our end. It's a pay-it-forward philosophy that not enough local Michigan businesses participate in! It's what has kept us afloat in these rocky economic times, and we believe that dedication to our customers and that concern for their budgets is what has earned us such a loyal customer base. We are thrilled to potentially include you in that array of happy Warren Party Bus customers.

Renting a party bus in Warren doesn't have to be an extreme expense. Of course, if you've got the money to blow, you can go all out and rent our services for multiple days at a time, traveling all over the Metro Detroit area to all the hottest nightspots and other attractions. But if your budget is shrinking at the present time and you still want to celebrate that big event in style, there are other options available to you! One that we'd suggest is to ask for pick up and drop off service only, if your destination for the evening is limited to one single place. This gives you the ride full of luxury that you're seeking, while also giving you a price that's much more palatable. And you still enjoy all the perks of having a dedicated designated driver (one of our pro chauffeurs!), yet at a much lower price than you'd pay by-the-hour all night!

If you've come to us by word of mouth, please note that your prices may even be lower than the ones that your friends mentioned to you. That's because our prices are based on many factors, including the cost of gas and the time of year. Busier times like prom time, St Patrick's Day, and weekends in general will result in higher prices, while opting for slower times of the year or weekdays will result in much lower costs for you. If you hit us up at a time when gas prices are low, that will be an extra bonus for you in terms of price! You can also enjoy some special transportation packages for events such as weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties, so don't forget to ask us!

Warren Party Bus Pricing is available via phone or email, so when you've gotten to the point in your planning process where you're ready to lock down your transportation, just give us a call at 586-474-5566, or shoot us an email at If calling us, we'll ask you a few questions to determine the best vehicles for your needs, and to narrow down your prices too. If emailing us, please be sure to have a few key pieces of info handy: the number of guests, the dates of service, and the cities you'd like to visit during your party bus trip. Then we'll be able to get back to you within approximately 24 hours, or at the most, two business days, with all of the exact prices that you are seeking. It's not hard to lock down a party bus for your party. It just requires a quick credit card deposit and a little bit of information. We look forward to speaking with you or exchanging conversation via email about your exciting night on the town with Warren Party Bus!

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