Frequently Asked Questions

Warren Party Bus is dedicated to answering all of your most pressing questions before you ever set foot on the bus. We never want our customers to be in the dark about anything, especially if it's your very first time on a party bus! There are so many questions that a new customer can have regarding pricing, safety, and of course on how to make a trip fun and exciting. We field many of the same questions when our customers call us for the first time. In anticipation of those questions, we thought we'd take a stab at answering a few of them before you even pick up the phone. Here are the questions that we get most often, along with the info that you're seeking.

"Can we smoke on the bus?"

We apologize to our smoking customers, but no, you can't.

"Is beer or liquor actually served on board your party buses?"

We can't legally serve it to you, but you can bring your own and enjoy it throughout your trip!

"We're on a budget and don't need all day service. Can we just get dropped off and picked back up at the end of the evening?"

Of course. In fact, hiring us for that purpose is one of the best ways to save money while still enjoying the premium quality of our services.

"Can we hire a stripper to entertain us on board the bus?"

Since our buses feature stripper poles, that only makes sense, right? As long as everything is legal and on the up and up, we don't see any reason why not to. What's a bachelor party without a stripper anyway?

"Can we talk to some of your past customers about their experiences with you on the road, to make sure that you live up to all your claims?"

Some of our customers have consented to receiving calls for recommendations. We'll be happy to give you their info upon request.

"Are there any limitations to what areas we can travel to?"

At the present time we only travel within Michigan, so no trips to Canada, Indiana, or Ohio at this time. We can travel further than the cities listed on our service area page, but there may be an extra charge for trips outside of that area. You can ask us about that when you book your bus. There are never any hidden fees. We let you know right away if it will cost extra to go somewhere!

"Can we keep the bus overnight?"

Overnight and multi-day trips are encouraged and recommended!

Now, we know that those aren't the only questions that are swirling through your mind as you put together your plans for the best party bus trip ever. So please don't hesitate to send a quick email to or give us a call at 586-474-5566. There's no need to be shy about asking questions. If you're the kind of person who would prefer to know everything that you can possibly know about party bus travel before you board the bus, then ask away. Answering your questions and providing great service is what we're here for. If you've got questions about your upcoming wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, birthday party, prom, or sweet sixteen party, call or email anytime.

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